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Security Disclaimer

Selecting "Remember me" disables (on this device only) authentication by password and PIN code protecting your platform/account from unauthorised access. Once "Remember me" is selected, no login, password or PIN is needed and anyone accessing/finding this device can directly access and trade on your trading account, which entails very high risks, especially if you loose this device or share it with other persons. By selecting "Remember me" you confirm that you understood and accepted those risks and that you remain fully/solely responsible for preventing access to your account by third parties and assume solely/entirely any and all responsibility/liability for any possible trading loss or other damage due to the use of the "Remember me" function. You can de-select "Remember me" at any time by removing the tick from the box or via your online reporting. "Third parties" should be understood as any person not authorized to access and/or to trade on your account.



You have been informed of, understand, and agree to assume the risks associated with forex, binary options and CFD transactions.
You understand that trading and investing in forex, binary options and CFD is speculative, includes a high degree of volatility and may expose you to significant risks of financial losses, including a total loss of your funds.

You have been provided and have familiarized yourself with, and understand, the Dukascopy Europe’s Risks in Derivatives Trading on the SWFX Swiss Forex Marketplace document, as well as Terms and Conditions, both available at

You are of legal age and have full capacity to assess the aforementioned risks and to enter into forex, binary options and/or CFD transactions.

You have adequate knowledge and experience to understand forex, binary options and CFD market. Trading in forex, binary options and CFD is a suitable investment for you in light of your experience, financial situation and investment strategy.

You are aware of the new, lower commission fees charged by Dukascopy Europe IBS AS from 1st July 2012, published on Please consult this page for further developments.